Take a trip with me

That’s right. Let’s go for a drive up to the mountains. Escape the stress of everyday life and breathe in alongside me.

We’re heading up to Kirkwood via Hwy 88. If you squint, you can see snow up on those hills in the distance. This was one hell of a storm, dumping white on hills that probably have never seen snow. We’re talking as low as 2000 ft.

We’re seeing snow sprinkling the ground now and it’s getting colder. 30 degrees to be exact. Can’t wait to see what 8000 ft is like…

The scenery is breathtaking. The air is crisp. Ice is on the road, so be careful and drive slow. Good thing we have four wheel drive. We should be safe. 4000 ft is looking pretty drenched.

We’re getting close now. Only about an hour away from empty slopes and air so cold it stings your lungs. Snow covering the ground is littered with glitter-like frost. The ground sparkles all around.

The roads are dangerously icy. We were just pulled over by CHP for going 48 in a 25. Did you know that when chains are required the speed limit drops to 25? Always? I didn’t. We plead innocent and are on our way with a stiff warning. Thank you for working hard to keep the roads safe, Officer! No one is on the roads up here. It’s around 7000 ft elevation and the air is thin. Good thing our windows are rolled up. It’s too freaking cold to even test the wind chill. It’s damn cold. I believe it.

We’re here! And here I am! If I look freezing, it’s because it’s now 10 degrees and I’m on top of the world, where the wind gusts are unforgiving, but the views are incredible.

See what I mean? Breathtaking, isn’t it?
After a few runs, we’re heading home to a warm cup of coffee and a cozy blanket. Thanks for coming with me!

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