Blood sucking market

According to Romance Writers of America paranormal is defined as “fantasy, futuristic, time travel, ghosts, supernatural beings, etc., where psychic and mental phenomena are intregral parts of the plot.”

Think it’s pretty clear? I thought so too until I submitted my query to a couple of published writers from the bay area. My manuscript deals with a girl who has visions of death.

Visions or premonitions are psychic and mental phenomena, aren’t they?

Apparently not. I’ve received some emails reading “perhaps you should market this as suspense because there’s not enough paranormal,” and “are visions the only thing that is paranormal about your book?”

I’m thinking perhaps people are so vampire-saturated that anytime something is deemed “paranormal” they automatically assume vampire, werewolf, zombie, etc, flippin’ etc. Don’t get me wrong…

Edward Cullen from Twilight is a well-written vamp. And hot to boot.


Selene from Underworld is a total badass.


And Jacob Black from Twilight plays the sexiest werewolf I’ve seen in a long time.


I guess I was wanting something different, something other than what’s already filling bookstore shelves. But now I’m looking at this from a career perspective. With that comes understanding that if I want to be published in a paranormal market, I have to somewhat write to what is selling…but I thought I had. Visions, premonitions, psychic and mental phenomena, remember?

So what does this mean? It means my next story better have something sucking someone’s blood in it if I want it to be recognized as proper paranormal.


Suddenly the outlook doesn’t seem to bad. *wink

P.S. Being that I’ve mentioned my crazy dreams on this blog twice now, I thought I’d write another. Last night I dreamt I was playing chess with John Mayer…on a rickety wooden set…in the dark. He was cheating-he had two queens from the get-go for crying out loud! It didn’t matter. I won. Funny thing is, my chess set is glass, I can’t play in the dark, and I don’t care much for John Mayer. But I do kick ass at the game. Anyone care to interpret?


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