It’s become an addiction

I was called a crack-pusher today. And I was proud. I recommended some books, The BlackDagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward. to a friend. And she’s now hooked the same as I am.

I stay up late, reading until my eyes blur. Tivo’d shows, once my favorites, sit in the queue until they’re automatically deleted from time spent unwatched. I’d actually rather sit curled up under a blanket with one of these books than head out with friends.

Seriously. My name is Kristin. And I’m a book addict.

My skin is paling from lack of sunlight. I feel like a hermit, snacking on food instead of eating full meals because they’d take too long to cook. Laundry is piling up and the sink is full of dishes. I’m not returning phone calls and I’m counting the minutes until I can bend back that binding as I write this.

Everything and everyone can wait. Because tonight Butch is finally going tell Marissa his true feelings. I’ve waited a long time to hear him speak those stomach-clenching words to her. The Brotherhood is heading to the streets to find some lessers and take out their aggressions. It’s going to be a showdown. One I’m not going to miss.

If you haven’t checked out the J.R. Ward Series yet, you should. Really. Maybe after we’re finished with the series we can have some sort of a rehabilitating meeting. I’m going to need it.


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