"How do you find the time?"

I’ve been asked a lot recently how I find the time to write. One person actually asked if I sold my family. (Hi Rachael J!) Maybe it’s because this week I wrote like a madwoman. Yeah, maybe.

Yes, I have little ones at my feet. And yes, I have a house to clean. But if it’s a priority, you’ll find the time. It’s that simple.

Before writing, I used to watch atleast 3 hours of TV a day. You know, Judge Judy from 5-6 (she’s a must and still is), then my favorite reality shows in the evening on the days they air. Biggest Loser, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Amazing Race, Keeping up with the Kardashians (not all in the same day or even the same season of course). Then, I’d fill in my remaining “relaxing time” with other random shows that looked interesting at the time.

Since I started on this crazy journey of becoming a writer/author, I’ve cut out all the garbage in between. I mean, really, how many minutes are wasted on commercials for these shows? And how many times do you watch the show then see the preview for the next one and say “Oh, I’ll watch a little of what’s coming next,” then BOOM. You’re into another show for an hour.


Not for me. Time is a beautiful thing that you can’t get back. It really shouldn’t be wasted.


So I use it to write. And write. And write. I TiVo my favorites and only watch those. Seriously, if you cut your television time, or cut it out completely…or stopped eating out and cooked instead (much faster cuz you can write while things are cooking-I do)…or if you shopped less…or visited with friends less…you would find the time too. Think about it.

And since I’ve found all this free time, I actually have more time to spend with my family, too. The best bonus ever.

How much time do you waste that you could use for more important things?


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