RIP Daisy

Sad day at my house this morning. Sad, sad day.

Our beloved rabbit, Daisy, passed away.

Actually, she was attacked by two neighbor dogs. Now don’t go harboring ill will toward the dogs. They didn’t mean any harm. Really. They were chasing it like it was a jackrabbit. (Which we have way out here in the sticks.)

We had two rabbits that looked exactly alike. No joke. Here’s the other:

But the two rabbits fought ALL THE TIME. Minnie, the smaller one pictured just above, would get hurt more than Daisy. And well, we just felt bad for that poor little girl getting picked on and beat up with nowhere to escape her big-bad bully.

So we kicked the bully out–sort of a rabbit time-out. Our yard is fenced. We figured she could run around for awhile and when it got too dark and too cold (maybe when she’d learned her lesson), we’d bring her back in.

But that’s when I got the call from our neighbors. The rabbit escaped through our gate, hauled bunny ass next door, and was chased down by the hunting dogs.

RIP Daisy. You will be missed.


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