The masks we wear

I’m heading to my friend’s 30th birthday bash tonight. It’s a formal Midnight Masquerade Ball and it should be a blast. Masks are a must as well as dancing shoes and a little booze…but just a little.

I’ll post pictures of the Ball for Silent Sunday, for sure, but the topic of masks got me thinking about how many masks are in pop culture today.

Some masks are used to hide behind…

Others are those we proudly wear (even in death)…

Some are worn to kick some ass…

And others are just plain fun…

Tonight I’m hoping for all of the above. I’ll hide behind my mask and let loose. I’ll proudly wear it because I made it myself (and I’m really not all that crafty). I’ll kick off my heels (okay, a stretch here, but I’m a lover not a fighter). Lastly, I know I’ll have loads of fun because I’ll be surrounded by all my friends. (And what could be better than a kid-free night for all of us at the same time?)

I can’t wait to see what masks everyone will wear. And I don’t care how close they are to me; if Jason or Freddy Krueger make an appearance I’m running for the hills.


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