Just a thought…

If you could choose between growing old from the neck up or from the neck down, which would it be?

I heard this prompt yesterday and got into a lengthy discussion about it with the husband. It seems to me, men are more likely to jump at the answer.

This was the husband’s conclusion: “Age from the neck up! If you aged from the neck down you wouldn’t be able to play sports for very long.”

Heaven forbid, right?

Now women, even though they may come to the same answer (which I totally did), have to toss it over. The answer is not black and white…and sadly has nothing to do with sports. Men are seriously from Mars. For women, there is a debatable gray area.

Toss this over: If you aged from the neck up, you could always use botox or get face-lifts to make your face match the rest of your body. Treatments would be expensive, but if they worked you’d have a youthful body, head to toe, for your whole life. If you aged from the neck down, you’d be a natural beauty (at least in the face) until the day you kicked the bucket. Everywhere you went people would say, “You’re how old?!? Wow, you look fantastic!” Compliments like that never get old. And hey, you could always cover your body with expensive, designer clothes all day every day, couldn’t you? Sounds like a good excuse to keep the wardrobe updated.

What do you think? Age from the neck up or the neck down?


One thought on “Just a thought…

  1. Age from the neck up. If my body gets old, things will sag, fail and just plain give out. I'd like to be around for a while. As for my face? Well, I can always throw a bag over it. No biggie. Lol!

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