Heroes reducing themselves to Homer Status

Are you watching this season of Survivor? If you’ve been one of the few living under a rock, allow me to enlighten you. The All-Stars are back. Big time. And they’re split into two categories: Heroes and Villains.

The thing I find funny is that in a group of back-stabbing, shit-talking, game-playing villains, a select few (ahem-Boston Rob) are stepping up their game, helping out around camp, and looking more like heroes than they villains they’ve been labeled as.

And likewise at the hero camp, there are those who are looking more like villains by the way they’re cursing out their own team and sabotaging team wins. Gravedigger James disrespected Stephenie as she was leaving by telling her to “Shut her mouth.” Doesn’t sound like much of a man, let alone a hero, to me.

Many times during this week’s show contestants were surprised by the change of character in others. Really? Does it surprise you that a villain would eventually step up to get the work done in a camp that has nothing? Or a hero would lower themselves to berating others when stress-levels soar? (Haven’t we all been guilty of this?) Didn’t surprise me at all.

Maybe that’s because I was a teacher.

Teachers know that in any classroom, even ones filled with college-bound, eager-to-learn, straight-A students, a disruptive student ALWAYS steps up to bat. ALWAYS. And in a classroom full of disruptive students (that’s why we don’t track anymore, people), there will be a few who sit quietly and do their work, giving the teacher the breath of fresh air that keeps them from strangling the others. (Just being honest here. Personally, I would NEVER, EVER think of doing something that violent…*insert glowing halo and heavenly music here.)

Students and survivors alike fill the roles needed at the time. That’s why it doesn’t do any good to stereotype and label. Survivor Season 20 is a PERFECT example of that. It’s still good reality TV though. 🙂

Go Boston Rob! Who are you siding with?


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