In which I’m very random

I have an orthopaedic surgeon appointment today. Nothing new. He’s going to tell me I have a torn meniscus and I need surgery. That’s a no brainer. What sucks is that I have to go through the pain of him wrenching on my knee to “find out” what’s wrong. I already know, Dude, can’t you listen to what I’m saying? I’m no newbie when it comes to knee injury and neither is he. You’d think (being like-minded) we could skip the formality of the xray and jump right to the MRI and surgical options. No such luck. (I totally just mistyped that last sentence. I originally typed “No suck luck.” Freudian slip, anyone?)

My son’s 3rd birthday was yesterday. It was cold and rainy but the food was good (lasagna, green bean casserole, garlic bread and green salad). I can’t even put the cake into the “good” category. It was beyond good. It was certainly the most elaborate cake I’d ever seen. It was so beautiful, in fact, that I didn’t want to cut it. Can you frame a cake and put it up on a shelf? Or carve into it and save some to put in a baby book? No? Well we should’ve found a gosh-darn way. I seriously have the most talented sister-in-law EVER.

Take a look at some pictures:

Everything was edible, people. From the freight to the grass to the rocks. Woman’s got skills.

The writing is progressing. I’m about 50 pages in on my shapeshifting/vampire manuscipt and I love what I’ve written so far. Every day I’m excited to enter into their world again…it’s so kind of them to let me eavesdrop on their personal conversations and toy with their emotions. My last manuscript is still out. No word yet from Maass or from the other 15 agencies who still have my queries in their inboxes. I’m researching publishing houses who are currently seeking unagented submissions and have found a few I’ll pursue when I get a free second.

And last week I got the best Christmas present ever (yes, you read that right). For Christmas I asked for a housecleaning service to come clean up my mess for ONE DAY. Just one time of my house being deep-cleaned from top to bottom by someone OTHER THAN ME. With my knee the way it is, I cashed in on the gift. And boy does my house smell fantastic. I love the smell of Lemon Pledge in the morning…don’t you? Ah, the icing on my cake.


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