Here’s hoping.

This morning’s been rough. And it’s only 7:36am. Oh, boy.

My son woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6am. No idea why. I grumbled lots and said something like “go play in your room”. He did as he was told (what a good little boy) then proceeded to tear everything to shreds. Woo-sah.

I tried to make coffee then cursed like an insane woman at the coffee pot because it wasn’t working. It was gurgling and steaming but producing none of the good stuff. Then I realized I forgot to add water. Aren’t I the bright one?

I have a busy day today to say the least. There’s a parade to celebrate the Almond Blossoms and my Grandpa’s 87th Birthday is after that. If this mornings shenanigans (heh, I just said shenanigans) (and then again! ha!), if they’re any indication of what the day will bring I’m in hot water.

Here’s hoping that a piss-poor start turns out flippin’ fantastic! Shenanigans!


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