Random blurb-e-blurbness

The eclipse trailer came out today. Did you know that? I bet you did. Just in case you haven’t seen it yet…

I feel a cold creeping in this morning. My throat aches so bad I can hardly swallow. Ugh! Everyone tells me I should drink a shot of whiskey when I feel a cold coming on. Sounds great except 1-I HATE the taste of whiskey and 2-I have to drive this morning and I’m an embarrassing lightweight. (I’m serious about the lightweight thing. I could have the bottle neck of a bud light and feel woozy–no joke.)

I have a post MRI visit with the orthopaedic surgeon next week. We know it’s torn yada-yada-yada, now I just have to go in, let him take my co-pay, then schedule surgery.

The good news of the day is I’m going to RWA National again this year! It’s the place to be if you’re a romance writer. It’s being held in Nashville, Tennessee over the summer. I can’t wait to take a few days to focus on learning the craft, listening to the greats talk about what makes them great, pitch my novel to editors and agents (and it will be complete by then! yay!), and make new writer friends! They are seriously the best kind to be had.

So that’s what’s on my mind wrapped up in a short blurb. Oh! And the writing’s still going smooth. I’m on page 118 and my hero and heroine are growing closer, then pulling apart, then growing closer, then pulling apart, then…well, you know.

It feels great to be the mastermind behind their struggles…Muah-ha-ha! Yeah, I’m evil. I know.


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