Writing Hoopla

Tonight I’m heading to the city with a friend for the launch party of How To Knit a Love Song. There’s going to be fabulously talented company, flowing drinks and a reading from Rachael Herron, herself! I’m stoked.

I entered the Daphne Du Maurier contest for my latest paranormal romance yesterday. The link to the RWA Kiss of Death Chapter site is: http://www.rwamysterysuspense.org/ I was more nervous to enter this one than the nationally renowned Golden Heart. Seriously. Daphne Du Maurier wrote Rebecca, my favorite book of all time. That’s my go-to book. The one I’ve read too many times to count and could still pick it up this second and get lost in its pages.

To final in that contest (let alone win it–ah, my heart’s swooning) would mean so much to me…not to mention the awards ceremony takes place this summer at the RWA National Conference in Nashville. Oh, what do you know! I’ll be there that night anyway! What a coincidence…it must be kismet.

Speaking of Nashville, I’d like to share with you all the great things Tennessee has to offer a Californian like me:
Nobody can pass up a chance at seeing Graceland, the home of the King.
And I’ve heard the Country Hall of Fame is a hoppin’ place to visit if you’re around those parts…

The night skyline is a sight to behold, I’ve heard. Certainly worth noting.

And let’s not forget Nashville’s Hermitage or the Nashville Parthenon in Centennial Park.

Too bad I won’t be seeing any of those things…that’s right. I’ll be seeing the inside of my hotel room, a dozen conference rooms, probably a nearby restaurant or two…and that’s it; the whole enchilada And I couldn’t be more fine with the idea.

Because inside that hotel, lecturing in those conference rooms are great sights too..

And just in case you don’t recognize any of the faces (the shock! the horror!), they are romance writing greats Nora Robers, Linda Howard, JR Ward, Gena Showalter, and Allison Brennan. Nashville has more to offer me this July than ever before. Can’t wait!


One thought on “Writing Hoopla

  1. Ahhh! I think I might have a coronary! I'm so excited! I didn't know Gena Showalter was was going to be there too. I'm reading her Lords of the Underworld series right now. Squee!

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