San Francisco Trip

Okay, first let me tell you that the How to Knit a Love Song’s launch party was great! Almost a hundred people turned out…go Rachael! She was positively glowing…and rightly so. The book is awesome, and knitting fans everywhere are celebrating! I joined in as one of them and got her autograph.

And then I blabbed about something like how many people turned out. I look nervous. I don’t know why. I gotta stop holding my hands like that…

Before the party, my friend Aggie and I strolled around Pier 39, had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, and you know, pretty much did the whole tourist thing. I had to take a picture of the Pier 39 sea lions…or lack thereof. They disappeared a few months back and are slowly returning. For those of you familiar with how many there were before, this picture will shock you.

Those docks used to be full of them…now I counted ten. Maybe.

I’ve read that the same sea lions have chilled out on those docks for over 50 years and have only left one other time–the month before the loma prieta earthquake. When they recently disappeared I was a little worried “The Big One” was gonna hit. I’m just glad they’re making their way back. Maybe this means the earth will stop rockin’ for awhile. God, I hope so.

And last but not least, HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Go pinch someone not wearing green, eat some corned beef and cabbage, and drink until you’re silly!


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