Ah, the Golden Heart

Great contest hosted by RWA. Great finalists, I’m sure. Sadly I’m not one of them. And now that I look at the finalists again I’ve realized none of the entires I judged finaled either. HOWEVER, there were SFARWA pals that finaled for the RITA! (I’m proud in a tremendously jealous sort-of-way and can’t wait to watch them take to the stage in Nashville. And I still can’t get over the excitement that I’ll actually be there! Eeeeck!)

I wish I could be standing among the finalists’ ranks right about now and really long to read their manuscripts to see how far off I was. I haven’t received my scores yet but I’m sure when I do I’ll have a clearer picture of where I went wrong.

Then back to editing manuscript 2 I go…while writing and revising manuscript 3. By the way, for those who continually email me about my progress (hello dear, sweet family), I’m stalled on page 165 (43,000words) because I had to go back and make the hero-heroine’s first encounter sizzle off the page. Oh, I could seriously do this forever. *grin


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