A conversation with Sun

Last night I stayed up late watching Time Travelers Wife with a friend. I didn’t let sleep take me until about midnight figuring maybe I could sleep in a little this morning…

…and then at 12:30am my five year old daughter (what a Princess she is) woke up screaming at the top of her lungs, holding her ear. Ear infection time.

Once upon a time I had drops that would soothe away the ear ache pain and Princess could go right back to sleep. I tore this house apart from 12:30am-3am looking for those drops. I swear the Easter Bunny made an early appearance and hopped away with them. So, I did the next best thing…I curled in bed with her and tried to quiet her to sleep.

No dice.

Princess stayed up until 4:30, kicking and squirming in pain. Poor little thing. When she finally dozed off I stole another 30 minutes of sleep until I heard my two year old son (who’s a Tank) start crying as well. Luckily, he just wanted some milk. That was an easy-do.

I remember standing at my kitchen sink at 5am, watching the sun light the eastward sky light a bright, happy orange. I seriously had a nice, bitter chit-chat with the sun while washing out a kid cup. It went a little something like this: “Listen here, Sun. Stay down. Another hour or so. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. There’s nothing wrong with being a few hours late. Why do you gotta be so punctual all the time, huh? Cut me some slack, would ya’?”

Yeah, that was me getting all up in the Sun’s face. It just stared back like I wasn’t even talking to it. How rude. It could’ve at least flickered to acknowledge my feelings. Hmph!

Of course I was up at 7am because Tank wanted breakfast. Princess is still sleeping in. So here I sit at 9am, groggy as hell, still trying to find those darn drops before another night is upon me and I’m left empty-handed. Again.

Good Morning World! Happy Saturday! And that Sun can just light up someone else’s parade. Today I’m holding a grudge.


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