Just Another Manic Monday

I FINALLY got a full night’s sleep last night. If you’d consider heading for cover at midnight and waking up at 6:30am a full night…

Princess is feeling better. Turns out a few drops of warm olive oil in her ear soothed the pain. Ah, gotta love simple home recipes. (I’m gonna ignore the irritation creeping in–I paid $40 for a teeny vial of ear drops last summer that had the same reaction as the olive oil. Grrrr…)

Friends are coming over tonight to watch the UFC fight from a few nights ago. GSP is fighting–and we don’t even need to mention who he fought against–he wiped the floor with that dude like it was the easiest thing for him to do. I loved it. Yeah, I’m kind of a testosterone-loving-freak. Any sport where guys get pumped up, disrobe, sweat, and take out their aggressions on another person I’m all for!

I mean seriously, how could you turn down watching him…

Work his magic on some unsuspecting fool like this…

Okay, okay, Matt Hughes really isn’t unsuspecting nor is he a fool. But I’m a hardcore GSP fan, so I’m gonna stick with my first comment. It’s pretty amazing! And I’m talking about the fighter as well as the fight. *wink

I’m finally finished with the editing I started last week. I completely rewrote the hero/heroine meet. The consensus from my readers/critique partners is that it’s much hotter. And hotter is always better isn’t it? So then of course my hero and heroine would feel differently in every situation where they were thrust together, wouldn’t they? That one scene change led to a rewrite of pretty much page 50-150. Not bad for a week’s work, eh?

Now I’m back at it. I’m headed to the beach for a few days and hope to get at least some writing done. It’s difficult to delve into the computer when the sand and waves are calling and I’m sure as hell not taking my laptop to the shore. My poor keyboard will get sand in all its cracks…and that’s never fun.


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