Craptastic Canon

My plan today was to post pictures from the Monterey trip to prove how much fun we had even through the alarms blaring in the night. But alas, my camera broke. Even though I’m a bit of a klutz (*mild understatement alert), I didn’t drop it, shake it, throw it, etc etc etc, this time. I simply pushed the on button, and read the statement on the back screen: “Lens error. Restart camera.”

Except I can’t restart the camera like prompted. It keeps beeping at me. Who made this craptastic thing anyway? Oh right…it’s a Canon. Guess I can’t complain too much, it’s kind of a good brand isn’t it?

Well today I can complain, darn it. Tomorrow is a special day (which I’ll post about later). One that I’ll definitely need my camera for. Sunday is Easter. And tonight the plan was to dye like a hundred gazillion eggs until my children’s hands turned all shades of the rainbow.

This could be the worst possible time for a camera malfunction.

RANDOM EDIT: I bought a new camera at Costco! It’s a Nikon. Much cheaper than the Canon, but the jury’s still out on the functionality. Huzzah for last minute steals!


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