Talk about throwing a wrench in my gears…

I think the iPhone’s are pretty cool even though I still don’t own one. The idea that your phone can be your calendar, your camera, your GPS, and your internet connection is freakin-awesome technology. I’d have one already if it wasn’t for my two year contract with Verizon (that’s up in October–woohoo!). I’ve heard good reviews on the Droid and Droid Eris but can’t come to grips with giving up my burgundy EnV2 that works just fine.

But now the iPad throws a whole new dimension to the problem. It’s currently priced at $499 and would perform all the functions of my laptop, but be small enough to fit in my purse! It’d still be able to keep my cheap-o, good-enough-for-me phone and do everything those iPhone people can do. And I bet if I did the math (which I’m not about to do…I’m an English person, people. Math and me don’t mix.), I bet the one time high price of $499 would be cheaper than the monthly internet connection for iPhones (which runs $30/month last time I checked) when you add up all the months of use. I dunno.

See what I mean? iPhone or iPad and regular cell phone? Ah, the dilemma.

What I really don’t get are people who have the iPhone but want the iPad too. I mean really? Who can afford two high-priced devices that are exactly the same except for one that has a bigger screen? Just in case you wanna…I don’t know, see something closer up? Like Jacob’s abs in Twilight or Jack Nicholson’s nose hair?

Oh, I could go a either way I suppose. For now I’ll just sit back with my EnV and envy people who have either one.


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