Show not tell

Tonight’s post was inspired by the many types of relationships in the world–no two alike. And also by the fact that I can sit upright after taking Robitussin. *grin

Over the span of my twenty-nine years I’ve heard some couples say they’ve never fought…not once. I used to think they were blowing smoke. There’s no way two people could live together for fifty years and not fight. No way. Then there are those couples that are at each other’s throats non-stop. You know who I’m talking about–they’re the ones you secretly like to hang out with just to see what’s gonna happen next. Those relationships are wild roller-coaster rides that the partners seem to enjoy.

I personally don’t get either of those.

The hero and heroine in my WIP have a fiery dynamic. She’s studious and determined not to let someone boss her around. He’s a smart-ass and likes to live life to the fullest. Together they light a fire that keeps the pages sizzling.

Tonight I got to thinking about my own marriage and the dynamic we share. And I found the perfect scene from a movie that’ll show not tell. Six hilarious minutes will depict it more perfect than any words could. It’s from New York, I Love You (2009). This is totally gonna be me and The Husband when we’re 80 years old. Should be loads of fun! I’m laughing my arse off already! No matter how tempted you are to stop the video short, get to the end…it’s worth it.


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