Happy Earth Day and Stuff

I just don’t get Earth Day…

I think some bored and boisterous environmentalist developed it to remind those people who don’t recycle or take care of the planet (*insert accusatory wagging finger pointed at YOU here) to start doing so.

Rotating green and blue Earth insignias decorate Nickelodeon every commercial break–I’m sure those images are found on other channels too, but with two children under six, Nick and Playhouse Disney plague my screen. Google changes their normal logo to something astoundingly, amazingly beautiful…something we look forward to seeing every year. What, you didn’t wake up at 12:01 am and frantically clobber your way to your laptop? Must be just me. All joking aside, it is kinda pretty:

I just feel like Earth Day should be everyday. We live every day on Earth after all. So it should make sense that every day we’re here is “earth day”, doesn’t it? It’s not like we’d ever have a Moon Day or Mars Day. Maybe when that day comes and we’re proudly sporting Martian hats with airless spinners, Google will create something flaming red with craters of dried lava and pot holes the size of the Grand Canyon. Until then, I’m going to keep doing the things I’m doing and hope I’m paying enough tribute to this planet I live on without having to be reminded to do so.

Side note: The writing’s going swimmingly well and I’m not even writing near a pool. Ha! Yesterday between 8am and 2pm I managed to write 4500k words…that’s about 11 pages. I didn’t mean for it to happen…it just did…and I love where the characters are leading me. Can’t wait to share it with the world! (Had to go big here, you know, being it’s EARTH DAY and all!)


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