Moving forward

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I’m going in for knee surgery. Again. *sigh*

I only have two weeks to get things in order. My house needs to be clean as I’ll be down and out on pain meds or crutches for a good couple weeks after. Food needs to be stocked up to feed the family. Stomach rumblings don’t stop just because I do, darn it.

And last but not least, I REALLY want to finish my WIP. I’ve been plugging away every day and have reached 70,000 words out of the 85,000 I’m aiming for. If I don’t finish until after surgery I’m afraid my eyes will be different when I look at my work again. I know, I know, sounds crazy. But right now I’m IN that world. I KNOW these characters. And they’re *this* close to reaching their point of no return and subsequent growth. If I stop now or go into surgery at that point, I fear I’ll have to re-read the entire WIP just to get my head back in the same place. It’s not that I wouldn’t mind reading the whole thing again because I love it so much, and I’ll have to do it when I finish anyway, but that’ll take up more time I don’t have.

I have a self-imposed deadline, people.

RWA National in Nashville is July 28th. This puppy has to be finished, edited, PERFECTED by that time. AND I need readers to give feedback. So much to do, so little time.

On a side note: We’re heading out to a livestock auction today. Should be fun. Oh, and tomorrow I’m posting on my Top Ten Movies of All Time. Have a great day!


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