Writing Peril!

Yesterday I spent so many hours typing, hunched over, glaring at my computer screen that when I finally detached from my manuscript and looked up everything was a blur. It took a good ten minutes for my eyes to return to normal and my fingers to straighten out. I tried the whole “Nora Roberts Finger Toss-and-Fan Thing” to get the blood flowing past my knuckles…and it worked for the most part.

You’d think I’d call in a rest day today. Spend some time in my garden (which is begging for attention), or get a pedicure (it’s been a good three weeks…I’m due), but neither of those things get me what I really want.

I’m soooo close to finishing my WIP (that’s work-in-progress for those who’ve been snoozing through my posts). I’m inching to the black moment, that point of no return that seems just out of reach.

Maybe I’ll get there today. Or maybe my eyes will dry up and my fingers will fall off. Just sayin’…


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