Top Ten Reasons I love being a writer

First, I can think of a million and a half reasons why I love writing and being a writer. I’m sure if I sat down long enough with this blog post it’d be the longest yet. But it is called Top Ten.

So here we go.

10. I get to set my own hours. Okay, this one’s awesome. Usually I feel most creative in the mornings. I sit with my breakfast and coffee and write as much as I can. But if something comes up and I can’t get to it…I just write later in the day. No biggie!

9. I get to wear whatever I want to work. Usually I chose pajamas. *grin

8. Those pesky ideas in my head finally get the voice they need. Most writers I’ve talked to say they started writing because they had a story idea that wouldn’t go away. Until one day they got that story down…and hopefully finished it! (And yes, I’m talking to you Novelnan! You can do it!) If I didn’t get my ideas down I’d live the rest of my life wondering “what if”. “What if” I could’ve written a bestseller out of this story? I’d hate to wonder something like that all of my days.

7. I fall in love with my characters. It’s the most amazing feeling to watch a character grow and change before my very eyes. I’d like to say I know everything about the character when I start writing, but I don’t. They develop like children and I love them…I just hope I don’t end up killing one of them off at some point.

6. I can take my work with me where ever I go. Week long trip to Bora Bora? Sign me up! I can take my story along and pound away in the airport, on the plane, in Bora Bora under a grass canopy with a MaiTai. Ahhhh…hard day at work…

5. I get to network! Who doesn’t love talking about what they love? Talking about writing or the writing industry only makes me feel more connected to this business that I’m going to be a proud part of. Twitter I still don’t get, but I suppose I will eventually.

4. Rejection. Did you hear me right? Yup, that’s what I said. Rejection. Every time I get a rejection it tells me to write harder, more precise, smarter. It fuels my fire and I truly do get better every time I write. Eventually I’ll perfect the craft and all those rejections will have got me there.

3. I get to do what I love every day. I am blessed to have a husband who supports me. One who doesn’t mind the laundry piling up and the dishes in the sink. I simply love to write. The fact that I can do this on a daily basis really is heaven.

2. Attainable and Unattainable goals. I think everyone should have these all the time. There should be goals you know without a doubt you can reach. Finish a book this season. Go to writers groups, conferences, workshops. Save money. Then there should also be goals that are so lofty that you have to claw and scream your way to them. New York Times Bestselling list, anyone? Yeah, that’s about right. Somewhere after my few years of teaching and before I started writing, I lost those goals. I wasn’t a very happy camper and couldn’t figure out quite where I went wrong. I’m telling you now, it was here. Set goals and don’t let go.

And the number 1 reason I love being a writer is…

1. The writers, authors, editors and agents I meet along the way. I used to think everyone in the publishing industry was scary, mean, crude, and business-minded with no desire to help an unpub like me. Wrong! Okay, they are business-minded, but the rest is wrong. I’ve met and personally talked to NYT Bestselling authors, RITA winners, Edgar nominees (Hello Sophie!) and editors and agents who’ve graced country-wide Top Ten lists on their own. Each one of them has been kind, welcoming, helpful beyond words, and have become great friends. Among writers I am home.


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