Oh Sunny Happy Day! Not really…

Sun is shining in California. Birds are chirping, busily making nests outside my window. April showers have gone and left me with nothing but sun-shiny May.

And that means I’m in heaps of trouble.

You see, I write so much better when it’s rainy and stormy. My ms would probably be finished by now. If you want to keep up on my progress you can check it out in the “snippets” tab above along with the blurb from my last ms (That’s garnering much interest right now, by the way! Go Dark Tide Rising Go!).

My original goal was 85,000 words, although my goal isn’t word count at all. I just set the number there because I thought my last ms finished at 77,000, so this one should be in the mid-eighties. It was kind of a rough estimate of where I thought I’d be by the time I was finished. Boy was I wrong. In such a good way.

I’m at 83,000 words right now and I’m writing the climax as we speak. Seriously, the other open tab at the bottom of my screen is my WIP, ready to go. I don’t know where I’m going to end up, but I’m guessing around 90,000? A little unexpected being that when I started this puppy I said I tend to get stuck around 70,000. My first ms (which is not in the snippets section) was the exact same word count as Dark Tide Rising. Odd and seriously unplanned.

I keep hoping to have hours upon hours to myself (with no kid interruptions…yeah, I’m not holding my breath) to bust this WIP out. But when I look out my window all I see is bright sunshine calling my name. I bet if we got a giant storm right now I’d whip through this ending…

And now I have a brilliant idea! (I’m digging through drawers looking for headphones so I can hook up to Pandora.) They’ve got to have rain stations somewhere, right?

Alrighty, wish me luck! Oh, and did I mention I bought myself an early “finished WIP” present?

Hey, I’m nearly there!


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