Oye, Friday

I go in for my second knee surgery Friday morning. I’ve officially re-torn my right inner meniscus. In the first surgery (back in 2001) the doctor tried to suture my tear back together. It appears the repair didn’t work. The flap that tore has now ripped off completely and is floating around my knee joint. Not fun.

So Friday my new doctor is going to shave down my meniscus (the only option I have left),and remove the floating piece. Needless to say I’ll be MIA around my blog for at least three days. Until I get off the pain meds I don’t think it’s safe for me to create a blog post. (You should hear the cooky things my imagination conjures up when I’m loopy. I’m such a ridiculous lightweight.)

And if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted the last two days…it’s because I’ve been writing like a madwoman! And I’m officially finished with manuscript #2! Hells to the yeah! Took exactly three months, endless amounts of coffee, one crashed computer (did I mention my computer crashed day before yesterday), and one massive 70 page writing mulligan.

Revisions here I come! *grin


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