Round Here

I’ve decided to let you in on the run-down of my mornings as of late. I seriously need to start manuscript #3 sometime soon otherwise I might get sucked into the Internet realm and never return. To get you started with some mood music, take a quick listen to one of my all-time favorite songs, Round Here by the Counting Crows.

So here’s how my mornings go once Princess is in school and I’m perched in front of the keyboard. (Complete with crazy head-talk and all!)

“I really need to do some editing or tweak my synopsis…but a quick check of my email wouldn’t hurt. I’m bound to have a rejection or two and maybe (fingers crossed) a request for my manuscript.”
“Damn, one rejection. Oh, a youtube link from a friend! I must watch to lift my spirits!”
“Hmm…I’ve never heard of that band. They’re pretty good. I should google them.”
“Wikipedia shows they’re new out of the bay area. Love local bands. And they have a blog!”

(After 10 minutes perusing through their blog posts…)

“Their blog rocks! I wonder how my blog’s doing…I should do a post.”

(After 10 minutes writing a post…another 20 spent checking up on all my writing buddies blogs and commenting like the wind…then another 20 catching up on publishing buzz through agent blogs…)

“I should put up some linkie-dos like some other writers’ blogs…they’re all pretty hip, and hey, I’ve always wanted to be hip! But wait, in that sidebar is a facebook badge. I wonder if any of my ‘friends’ have anything interesting to say?”

(Pound keys over to facebook…)

“Oh look, more requests to be my ‘friend’. I’m popular. Finally. I must look at what this long-lost elementary school acquaintance has been up to all this time.”

(After getting sucked into the facebook stalking vortex that is oddly satisfying, I check my own profile page)

“Hey! Look at that! Someone tweeted their post onto the facebook wall. I really need to learn how to do that. I should check my twitter account.”

(Logging into Twitter…but alas ‘too many tweets’…must fill coffee cup and try again…)

“Man, look at all these twitter posts. These people are part of some secret Twitterati, hell-bent on world domination through endless tweets. Holy-croley. I should twitter my little heart out to catch up.”

(After 5 minutes retweeting posts and coming up with something creative to say about what I’m doing, then another 10 minutes looking through tweet history, I sit back. And take a deep breath.)

“What was I suppose to be doing again? Oh yeah, editing and tweaking my synopsis. Right.”

(Open word doc and stare at the cursor speed. It’s slowing down…or maybe that’s just my eyes blurring)

“I wonder if I have any requests sitting in my inbox? Oh look!”

And that, my friends, is how the vicious cycle goes Round Here.


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