Another Summer, Another End

This morning I was reflecting on how another summer managed to sneak up on me. June is brimming with bridal and baby showers, birthdays, parties, graduations and vacations to “relaxing” places. (Though often times the planning and packing takes away some of the “relaxing” part.) Being pretty much a lifetime student and former high school teacher, the whole year seems to end with the conclusion of school. January 1st doesn’t seem nearly as “new” as June 1st with nothing but summer days ahead.

So after today, my year is done!

I got to thinking how much different this year feels than last year. My flights are booked for RWA’s National Conference in Orlando (yes, it was moved due to the floods), the hotel is reserved, and I even have my brand new laptop bag begging to be used. At this point last year I was in the same place when considering all of those things…

…but I’m not in the same place when it comes to my writing.

Kiersten White did a post a few days back about “last year-this year”. Read it here.

I think writing things down that way gives a great concrete comparison. That, and I love lists.

Last year: I started and finished book 1, then realized it wasn’t good enough to be published. Booked trip to RWA to learn what I had to do to make this my career.
This year: I started and finished books 2 and 3. Booked trip to RWA to pitch these awesome stories to agents and editors. I’m so in love with Book 3…and by the response I’m getting, I think other people are too.

Last year: I hadn’t met a single writer, agent, or editor.
This year: I meet a wonderful group of writers every single month (SFARWA and BDRWA), have a published critique partner (Hi Lisa!), and have met too many agents and editors to count. And they’re all FABULOUS.

Last year: I hadn’t entered a single contest.
This year: I entered the Golden Heart and didn’t final, although my scores were good. I entered the Daphne and also didn’t final, but my scores were phenomenal with one “published, award winning” judge saying she can’t wait until my entry is published so she can finish reading it.

Last year: I was writing through the night.
This year: I write mornings and afternoons only.

Last year: I sent out 100 queries on book 1 and received 100 rejections.
This year: I sent out 10 queries on book 3 and received 4 rejections and 3 requests…so far.

Last year: Writing everyday.
This year: Writing everyday.

Last year: I wasn’t sure if I could cut it in the writing world.
This year: I know I will…it’s just a matter of when.

I simply can’t wait to see what the next year has in store!

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One thought on “Another Summer, Another End

  1. Great post, Kristin. What a good idea in writing everything down. So much has changed for me as well over the course of the last year. So many good things to come as well!

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