Holy Editing, Batman!

Yowzer! Blam! Zap! I totally rocked Enemy, Beloved last night. With my trusty mocha blast at my side, I stayed awake until nearly 1am, pushing characters around and showing them who’s boss. They behaved…for the most part. I had to put the smack down on my hero, Slade. Overall, I’m conquering the powers of evil writing, one day at a time.

Okay, okay, I’ll be less dramatic. When my manuscript was “finished” it was 97,000 words. It’s now nearing 100,000. This week alone I’ve added 14 pages, deleted 8, and broke apart a flashback scene, flittering it around the novel in revealing bits and pieces. I’ve also added a cool little bit to the end (that really should’ve been there to begin with–why oh why didn’t I think of that before?) and made the tone of the whole story a little darker.

Dark and world-building…that’s my goal. Actually scratch that. Dark and gritty and empire building…that’s more like it. I have about a week to finish the edits (on an agents request–isn’t that the coolest addition in the world?) and I’m gonna rock it.

How did I get all this finished in such a short amount of time, you ask? Let me show you where I went this week…

That’s a beautiful Capitola beach, people, and it was fabulous. The weather was perfect–70 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze. No one was on the beach. It was just me, my family, and the damn pesky seagulls.

Wouldn’t you buckle down and write your little fingers off too? Oh, and take a look at where I spent my mornings…

Pretty nice digs, huh?

My work station had the best view in the world…

You can’t see it here very well, but every time I got stuck on a nasty little scene, I’d look up over the ridge of my laptop and see the ocean.

Now THAT’S the way to buckle down and write. Take that forces of evil! Hahahaha!


5 thoughts on “Holy Editing, Batman!

  1. Awesome! Love the pictures! I spent last week sans laptop at Disneyland. Lot of fun…not so productive. Now I'm looking to dive back into editing. Lots to do!

  2. Thanks Anissa! I bet Disneyland was a blast. Definitely not conducive to writing, though. For being three weeks post op with my knee, there wasn't much else I could do other than sit and write. Perfect timing, I suppose. Glad to find someone else as twisted as I am when it comes to editing. Fun stuff! *grin

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