I’m a lovely blogger!

Oh, I love getting blogging awards! Here’s another from fellow writer Aubree. Check out her blog here.

Thanks so much for choosing mine as one you come back to again and again…I enjoy every single comment I receive and appreciate every single of you 56 “followers” more than you know. It’s a pleasure sharing my journey and makes me want to throw my arms into the air and scream “You love me! You really, really love me!” (Do you remember that Oscars scene? Yeah, she was off her rocker.)

Anyhow, today is going to be full of fun. It’s the princess‘ birthday and everyone’s coming over to bbq and jump around in a jumpyhouse smack dab in the middle of a scorching California heatwave. Should be a blast.

And I think it’s high time to share the blurb from the story that got me a contract, don’t you? Stay tuned tomorrow. *teasing grin


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