Letting the cat out of the bag

Meow! I promised I’d post my query blurb today and I don’t want to disappoint…Here it is!

ReVamp’s hottest Vampire Rehabilitation Specialist has been burning moonlight looking for a cure to what’s ailing the blood supply in Crimson Bay, California. The mysterious infection is causing vampires to hit the streets and act like…well…a bit like Dracula when he’s cranked out on venti mocha vamppuccinos. Neither her arranged marriage on the blood-smudged horizon, nor the threat of shutting down her clinic can tear DYLAN’S eyes off the prize–proving once and for all vampires aren’t blood-lusting primal creatures. The last thing she expects while prepping a newborn for coven induction is to be spun for a wet and wild loop by the bronze-skinned, muscle bound vampire she finds beaten to a pulp and sprawled out on her bed.

Little does she know, the shape-shifting goon squads dead set on oppressing vampiric rights have a dark trick up their flickering sleeves. They’ve sent a sheep to sleep amongst the wolves…

Shape-shifter by birth, assassin by rank, and vampire by damned unfortunate circumstance, SLADE just wants to penetrate the coven of leeches, complete his risky assignment, and high-tail it out of there. Everything he’s been taught tells him to keep his distance from parasites, especially dead sexy ones hell-bent on proving the blood-sucking species is inherently good. Despite himself and shape-shifting law, he’s fired up; ready to take Dylan six ways from Sunday….with a Blood-Blasted cherry on top.

When Slade’s next target is unveiled to be Dylan, the one who‘ll ultimately save the vampire race, he must make a choice: complete his task and assassinate the love of his life, putting an end to the vampire uprising or die a traitorous death at the hands of his shape-shifting brothers and kick-start all-out war.

*In other fantabulous news, I’m now officially represented by Robert Brown of Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency! I’m absolutely thrilled about the possibilities…stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Letting the cat out of the bag

  1. Vamppuccinos? Love it! I love the sound of this story! And a huge congratulations on finding representation! Your picture already makes you look like an author. :DI only hope that I will be next.

  2. *Jumping up and down* *Applause*I am SO happy for you!!! Your blurb sounds amazing. I can't wait to read the book.I'm finishing up reading Lara Adrian's Breedmate series, finished Ward's newest, so I need a new one, Kristin!!

  3. Amanda–thanks! I liked the vamppuccino touch too! Mocha Frapps are my fave so I just put a spin on it! And you will be next! It could happen any day–like today! *grinDeb–oh, I wish I could send a signed one over just for you. Unfortunately I have to sell it first. Drats! LOL! My agent is pitching it to editors, so if I could bottle your excitement for it I think I'd be in the clear and all this worrying would be for naught. I appreciate the encouragig words!Virna–thanks so much! Now comes the hard part, right? Right? Next time I see you I think I'm going to pick your brain about the next step if that's all right. You may not read this until I see you next but are you going to National?

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