100 Follower Contest Goes On

I haven’t mentioned the 100-follower contest in awhile and it’s high time to refresh. You can find this info on the “100-follower contest” tab above, but just to save you the mouse click here’s the info again.

I’m giving away either a SIGNED copy of Lisa Sanchez’s paranormal romance novel, Eve of Samhain,

Or a $15.00 Starbucks Giftcard.

The winner will get to choose their reward, but I’d pity the fool (in Mr. T’s voice, of course) who turned down the chance to ogle Lisa’s super-sexy (yet adorably tortured) hero Quinn Donegan.

The rules are simple. To be entered, you must “Follow” my blog and leave a comment on the “Author Spotlight: Interview with Lisa Sanchez” post. You can find the post by clicking on the “Author Spotlight” label on the sidebar.

You also get one bonus entry for each thing you do on this list: (And who doesn’t love a bonus or two?)

+2 Adding this contest post to your sidebar (shoot me an email so I can check it out)
+2 Blogging about the contest (shoot me another email so I can give mad thanks)
+1 Twittering this post (make sure to add @KM_Miller so I know you did it)

*(Each of those above can only be done for bonus points once. Thanks to those of you who’d so graciously tweet the contest every day…but I couldn’t possibly add up all those bonus points until it ends.)

The winner will be announced once my “Follower” count reaches 100. On May 24th, 2010 I had 31 followers. As of today, July 1st, the tally’s up to 59! Thanks guys, we’re nearly there! Tell your friends and win some goodies!


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