Tik Tok

Oh, you would not believe what I discovered on the world wide web this morning…

Further proof that with enough time and an immense amount of boredom, even Star Trek can be amusing.

Want an update on my progress? I’m still editing Dark Tide Rising for The Wild Rose Press and Enemy, Beloved is out of my hands, hopefully making editors salivate for more in New York. I completed my Author’s Bio a couple days ago, turned that in, and am now inserting my voice into a rather dry synopsis. That’s the challenge, isn’t it? Making your voice come through in a 4-5 page summary. Not as easy as it would seem.

On Monday I’ll give some tips on how to write an Author’s Bio or at least tell you what I did. I researched a ton of different sources trying to find the best way to make myself “marketable”. I’ll put all those together and condense them for you. I think I’m gonna let the Trekkies Tik Tok me into another writing session. Have a great Fourth of July weekend! Be safe out there!


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