Japanese Game Shows

You know, I’ve wanted to post this video for awhile now but haven’t been able to find a segway between writing and the madness that is the show. Finally, this morning, I’ve decided to stop trying to force something that just isn’t there and post it.

The Husband and I watch Japanese game shows a lot. On second thought “a lot” doesn’t quite describe our addiction. We watch them every single day. Whether it’s on our phones while waiting in the doctor’s office or while we’re stuck in traffic, a hysterical laugh is only a youtube visit away.

It started with MXC on Spike late nights. We’d settle down after a long day by laughing our asses off at fools riding bikes in water and running into brick walls. We’d make fun of their rayon outfits and crazy feathered hats. We’d point at the screen and secretly want to be given our shot at running through the insane course. (My hat would be all kinds of hideous purple and feathers and sequins and it’d be AWESOME.) Then came Wipeout. We were so excited at the possibility of watching a program modeled after MXC…but were sorely disappointed. I’m not sure why it doesn’t measure up–perhaps it has something to do with the fact that on Japanese game shows we have no idea what the announcers are actually saying. In our minds they’re laughing at the contestants, not with them. Wipeout is just too…too…calm. The announcers are in suits half the time for crying out loud! I think our favoritism also might have something to do with the screaming and gut-wrenching laughter that comes from the Japanese Game Show crowd. The audience is having the time of their lives! Why can’t I be there laughing and screaming with them?!? What a party!

Then we found the following video. I hardly use OMG but O-M-G! It is so funny and just keeps getting funnier all the way through. If you’re looking for a laugh, seriously, this is the way to go. Who volunteers for this? Whose job is it to come up with a stunt like this? And who is the crowd rooting for? Who are you rooting for? What on earth are they screaming? Go, go, get that marshmallow?!?

Have a look. I hope it cheers up your Monday. All Mondays could stand to be a little more cheerful in my opinion. And what better way to do that than with a marshmallow dangling on a string?


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