And I’m Leaaavvvin’ on a Jet Plane…

Tonight’s the night! I’m leaving for Orlando! Woohoo! I can’t tell you how excited I am to walk amongst the greats and learn what they have to teach. I can’t wait to meet other writers, my agent and hopefully a few editors who’d give a little unpublished gal like myself the time of day.

My plan is to post a little tidbit every night whether it be something I learned, something phenomenal (or funny) that happened or a few pictures of my wanderings. I’m usually the person who forgets to take pictures during something amazing…signing with Nora Roberts? I’ll forget my camera for sure. Talking with my agent? I’m likely to bring my camera but be so nervous I forget to take it out of my bag. BUT with the promise to post tons of pictures HERE, maybe that’ll force me to whip out my camera more often.

For the sake of all that is blogging, let’s hope.

So I’m on my way…wish me luck and good vibes for great impressions and loads of fun with amazing writers! (And if that wasn’t the most awkwardly written sentence I don’t know what is! But I’m too giddy to care! Orlando here I come!)


3 thoughts on “And I’m Leaaavvvin’ on a Jet Plane…

  1. Have a great time. I went years ago to the RWA conference in Dallas. What a trip! So many wonderful memories. And yes, I did meet Nora Roberts, even danced on the same dance floor. Cease the day and dance!

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