RWA Day 1: Flight

So. My plan was to post a ton of pictures today. I took tons. So not like me. My blog post was going to be funny–a riot!

Instead I’m sitting barefoot on the hotel bed exhausted out of my mind…and blogger won’t load the pictures because the hotel Wi-Fi is too slow. Yeah. No good. So until I can mooch off Wi-Fi from another area you’ll have to do with this re-cap.

I’ve been up since 2:30 am pacific time. It’s 11:00 pm eastern time now. I’ve had little to eat today; unless you’d call an airline Wasabe Chicken Sandwich and a mocha lunch. Turbulence due to thunderstorms over the runway was so bad that we had to circle the airport for 20 minutes. I almost had a panic attack each time we hit an air pocket.

And I couldn’t stop laughing. Call it an awkward stress release–beats me.

Did I forget to mention I had a kick-ass dinner with Debra Dixon, the owner of Belle books? I did? Let me tell you…she was awesome. Dinner was much-needed. Drinks were fruity and much too strong for my taste.

So that’s it. My re-cap sans cool pictures that would’ve made you laugh. Oh! And I saw Nora Roberts. Twice!

Workshops start tomorrow. I’ll fill you in more and hopefully have some photos to share. Night all.


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