Let me pick you up…

I don’t want to pick you up in the physical sense–you’re not here for me to attempt for one, and two you might be too heavy for me to lift…don’t be offended, I can’t lift more than 35 pounds as evidenced by my time at the gym this week–Anyway, I want to pick you up and make you laugh!

Seems like there’s been a lot of drama floating around lately. People wanting “to talk things through” or “rehash what’s going on” or “sift through old feelings that seem new”. I kind of feel like I’m wading through stagnant waters, thick silt clinging to my calves with each hopeful inch forward. It must be the Summer months dwindling to a close, making people feel like they want to shed their negative feelings like big-leafed maples in Fall.

But I’m not ready for Fall.

I was grateful to laugh a bit tonight as I perused the blog-o-sphere funnies. I tripped over this site a few months back, and at first glance I thought it was lame.

Then I found THIS post that reminds me why it’s fun (and absolutely, positively essentail) to cast aside responsibilities time to time and let loose.

In the words of Bugs Bunny (or Van Wilder, depending on your generation and tastes) “Don’t take life too seriously…you won’t make it out alive anyway.”

Have a good laugh and hopefully a great weekend!


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