Fun Friday!

Howdy from Barnes and Noble!

I decided to leave my brand new desk setup (which I’ll post pictures of next week–I tried yesterday but they didn’t come out right) and seek writing shelter in a local bookstore. I thought delving into Chapter 2 might flow easier away from home.

Not to mention I just HAD to buy Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy

…and Monica McCarty’s The Hawk.

(Edited to add: just look at these covers! How could I resist?)

How’s my writing going, you ask? How thoughtful of you…

Dark Tide Rising is still waiting on a release date and final edits from The Wild Rose Press.

Enemy, Beloved is still on submission in New York. (And believe me, as soon as I hear ANYTHING I’ll post here.)

Immortal, Beloved is…well it’s…um…let’s just put it this way: I’ve written three different versions of Chapter 2 and none of them feel right. Something is missing. And as long as something is missing I’ll keep reworking it.

I don’t know why, but the first three chapters are always the hardest for me. Some people write like a top. (Remember those little spinning toys?) They get an idea, spin that story and are off at super-high speeds until they fall off their chair from exhaustion 400 pages later.

I’m kind of like a train. It takes a whole lot of effort to get up to speed, but once I’m going, I’M GOING. From there, top speed is within reach and I can speed through the ending rather smoothly.

Speaking of a train and smooth writing, I have to get back onboard and write!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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