Blog BBQ that will–or won’t–turn you into a Blob

What an interesting idea, don’t you think? (Thank you KarenG!) What a great way to meet new writers, authors, readers, book bloggers, or maybe some people who just like skipping from blog to blog in cyberspace.

Joining the Blog BBQ…(totally just mistyped it as Blob BBQ…I’m thinking it’s a Freudian slip…If this were a real BBQ with all the glorious food listed I’m thinking I might look like the Blob when I leave)…like I was saying, joining the B-L-O-G BBQ is easy. All you have to do is travel over to Karen’s blog, leave a comment saying what you might bring, and what you’d talk about with others if you were there. Visit, comment and follow at least three other blogs. That’s it!

What a great way to stimulate activity on writers’ blogs out there. I’ve already followed so many and every single one is interesting and inspirational and…well, get out there and you’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and if you came here from Karen’s BBQ, WELCOME!


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