Meet an Author Monday

It’s Monday again! And I’m in another blog-hopping mood. If you haven’t checked out KarenG’s Blog BBQ that’s going on this fine Labor Day weekend, you should head over there too before you miss it–today is the last day. But first, you should stop by my awesome critique partner’s blog and join her hop.

If you’re wondering what a blog hop is, here’s the deets:

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is a linky list that is SHARED ON MULTIPLE BLOGS.
When several blogs put the same linky list code on their blog, the
exact same list appears on each blog.

Blog visitors can submit their entries on any blog that contains the list.
The entries will appear on each blog where the list resides.

Blog readers see the same list on each blog, and can “HOP” from blog
to blog seeing the same list of links to follow: BLOG HOP!

So get to it! Visit some new blogs, comment and follow along and I’ll be right behind you! *grin


One thought on “Meet an Author Monday

  1. Hey, girl! You're getting up there in the follower count as well. Our blogs aren't babies anymore. Sniff … Sniff … They're growing so fast …

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