Agents! Or lack thereof…

I’ve been hovering over my email for weeks, waiting for that one message telling me I’ve sold to Grand Central or Avon. (Those are the two NY publishers my agent submitted to. Still waiting for the response, fyi.) Instead of opening my mail and finding a sale of my paranormal, I opened my mail and found a disheartening letter from my agent.

Well, disheartening on my end.

I am now, once again, unagented. *Sigh* Wylie-Merrick Literary has decided to open a small press (I’ll give the details about their name and titles when I’m allowed to do so–1/1/11) which means it’s in my best interest to cut ties. There’s nothing wrong with small press publishers. My romantic suspense, which I should have a cover and release date for soon, are with a small press…I’ve just got my sights set on The Big Six for my paranormal. (The Big Six are the six major publishers in NYC for you non-writing folk.)

I believe in my paranormal. I think the writing is tight and the premise is marketable. I think it resembles what’s selling, with unique twists. Everything it should be to land a place in Borders and Barnes & Noble. But it’s my baby, so I could be biased.

All in all, I wish Wylie-Merrick Literary luck in their small press endeavors. And I could use the luck as well, as I rehash my query and start the dreaded agent search again.

For some reason Tom Petty’s Square One is stuck in my head this morning. Wonder why…


6 thoughts on “Agents! Or lack thereof…

  1. Kristin, I do sympathise. One of the unspoken facts about the publishing industry is that an awful lot of writers do split with their agents for a myriad of reasons. Having to go through the process again can be quite soul-destroying.So good luck! You've done it once; you can do it again.

  2. Shannon–Thanks. Sometimes it's hard to know what to do and what to hold out for. I'm going with my gut and hoping it leads me to the right place.Donna–You're right. I've heard tons of stories about writers parting from agents…I never really paid attention to what happened because I couldn't see why someone with an agent would chose to terminate a contract and go it alone or start the search over. I can see the other side now. Thanks for the well wishes. The hunt begins!

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