Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’m Loving Right Now

I give you another Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Things I’m Loving Right Now:

10-This beautiful gloomy morning! I know, I know, it’s contrary to what most people believe…but I’m absolutely glowing in this muggy California weather. I love the rain. The drizzle. The mist. I’m floating around the house, lighting candles and fixing up a scrumptious dinner in the crock pot. Loving it.


9-Because of #10, my muse is refreshed. I’m writing up a storm. Good thing too, because at the rate I’ve written the first eighty pages, it’ll take me six months to write this book. I need to cut that time in half. The rain will help.


8-I’m absolutely in love with my Droid Incredible. I can access my email in two seconds. I hardly check in on my computer anymore. Who wants to be bothered with the whole “sign in” process anyway? Not me…I tend to not respond to emails as quickly, but that’s okay…right? The speedy Droid apps are too handy…especially since I check my email for agents/editors every fifteen minutes or so…

7-The Biggest Loser. It’s on tonight. I’m in love with Jillian Michaels. I think I may design a heroine after her in my next book.


6-The promise of a vacation on the horizon! In a few months the Miller fam is heading to Disneyland! Tank and Princess are beyond excited. We don’t make the trip to So Cal very much, so when we do it’s a big deal. Mickey here we come!


5-Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy, Allison Brennan’s Carnal Sin, and J.R. Ward’s Lover Enshrined. For the first time in my life I’m reading more than one book at a time. I’m a little scattered, but I’m liking the variety. YA, suspense with a paranormal feel, and a hot-and-heavy paranormal. Great combo.

4-Chocolate. Simply because I’ve officially sworn myself off it starting yesterday and I’m craving it something wicked. Hello. My name’s Kristin. I’m a chocoholic.


3-Scarfs! This one’s a little odd, I know. But I don’t wear scarfs when my hair is long. And later this month I’m cutting my hair Shirley Temple short. I’ll post pictures of all the purty scarfs I buy to celebrate my new hair-do!


2-Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts”. I don’t know why, but this book is totally written on that song. I have a huge playlist to write to (see down below on right), but every time another song comes on I click it back to “Jar”. I guess my muse is particular as of late.


And the number one thing I’m Absolutely, Positively Loving Right Now is THIS:

It’s Twilight’s Eclipse in a Minute! And it’s HILARIOUS! If you can’t laugh at this, I’m afraid you might have lost a bit of your sense of humor…


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Oh my gosh, that clip was so funny! Shirt, no shirt, shirt, no shirt. And the tongue! Blech!I love your list of stuff you're loving! I'm loving that tonight the hubby and I are double dating to see Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages. We NEVER do stuff like this, so I'm excited.

  2. great list! a) i love jar of hearts my friend introduced me to that song when it was on the last so you think you can dance season or whatever. great song. and b) that video was so funny! that guy also did these funny videos a while back making fun of snuggies. hi-larious.

  3. I love your blog!! I've rounded you out at 140 followers! How exciting!!!I love gloomy mornings they are the best, complete with apple cider and you've just named the perfect morning for me!!!As for The Biggest Loser I'm an addict as is my husband, and we adore Jillian Michaels!

  4. Julie–I'm jealous! It's been so long since I saw Phantom in SF (15 years ago! Ack!), I've been dying to go again! Have a great date night!Aubree–Snuggies, huh? I could use a laugh at those things! I'm gonna have to look that up.Nicki–Ooooh, thanks for the links! I'm gonna have to check those out too. Another spoof review may be in my future…

  5. Shannon–I'm almost finished with Para. It's great. I already can't wait to read the next one. :)Jen–Thanks! My perfect mornings are filled with fresh brewed coffee, rain, and flowing words on my WIP. Oh, I could die and go straight to heaven. I'll have to mix up my routine with some apple cider now. :)A.J–So true. I'm right there with ya!

  6. Nicki–THOSE VIDEOS ROCKED!!! I'm still laughing from the Bum Review! Love it! At first I was leery and almost turned it off, but the part about a CHRISTIAN VAMPIRE! and I HAVE PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES FOR NO REASON! Classic.

  7. Deb–I don't know why, but after Butch I had to take a BDB break. I wrote my last book, read a few historicals along with an Ione Demonica…I've just now come back to Phury. I've heard Lover Mine is the best of all, so I've got to read at least to that point. After that–considering Ward doesn't plan on stopping the series–I'm not so sure…

  8. Kristin, I liked Phury's book the least, but that's just me. Surprisingly loved Rhev's book. But, John Matthew's was by far the best. Damn, that woman can write a story.

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