Blog Hopping!

Brad Jaeger over at Aspiring Author is hosting a blog hop today in celebration of the First Novel That Moved You.

The novel that moved me the most was Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier. I first read it as a senior in high school. I loved it then. I love it more now. It’s my go-to book. My absolute favorite. I don’t know why, but even though it’s a thriller and a murder mystery, it’s also one of the most sparking romances I’ve read. I usually don’t read books more than once. After the spontaneous magic is gone, the once riveting story line becomes a tad boring. The butterflies that fluttered in my stomach on the first read are usually silent and tired, having expected the gut-wrenching moments from the first page.

Rebecca breaks the mold. It’s the only book that gets me every time.

My stomach still somersaults when the new Mrs. Dewinter sees Manderley for the first time. I feel her anticipation, her worry about filling Rebecca’s shoes and being a good wife for the man she’s fallen for. I still get peeved to the point my fingers fly through the pages when batty old Mrs. Danvers tricks Mrs. Dewinter into putting on Rebecca’s dress for the costume party. I can smell the salt and sand of the beach house where Maxim stayed, waiting for Rebecca to arrive with her lover. I can feel the tension in the courtroom when the final verdict is announced and the DeWinters are finally free from Rebecca’s evil grip on their lives.

That’s how I know it touched me. I remember every little thing about the story. I know those characters like they’re my personal friends. Yet I’m still surprised by what happens. My heart still leaps at every turn.

Now head on over to Aspiring Author. Hop around other writers’ blogs and find out which books touched them.

And over at Cali Cheer Mom, her weekly feature is still running strong. I always find new and interesting bloggers to follow on the list! Head over and meet some new writers/authors!


3 thoughts on “Blog Hopping!

  1. Hmm, can I handle two blog hops in one day? Am I advanced enough… but this "books that moved me" topic is really interesting.I don't usually read books over and over again either, so I guess when one calls to you like that, it's the one! Rebecca sounds great on many levels.

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