Interview with Sophie Littlefield and Giveaway!

I’m continuing my Author Spotlight with Sophie Littlefield this morning. She’s the fantabuluous author of adult thrillers and a young adult dystopian fiction novel. If you missed the post you can find scroll down or find it here.

KM: I’ve asked you about your writing process, your new dystopian fiction novel, Banished, and even asked about what the future holds for a bestselling novelist like yourself. Now for some fun…Ocean or Mountains?

SL: Impossible to pick! Growing up in Missouri, we had neither, and I didn’t see them until I was a teenager. I still have a thrilling sense of adventure when I see either one. In fact I think that might be a good reason to keep your kids from experiencing anything at all interesting – you’ll suck the wonder out of it for them. They have to grow up a little before they can appreciate it.

KM: Coffee or Tea?

SL: Coffee, pots and pots.

KM: Music or Movie?

SL: Movie! I need the story. Everything’s about the story.

KM: Fall or Spring?

SL: October is the most beautiful month in Northern California. Plus, in the spring, my hiking trail gets muddy. Yuck!

KM: Twitter or Facebook?

SL: With great shame I confess that I once swore I would NEVER, EVER use Twitter. Now I kind of love it. Even if you say something dumb, which I often do, it’s quickly whisked away by the twitter stream and you can see what your friends are up to and you don’t have to concentrate too hard. Facebook’s fun too but I’m not very good at it so I feel a little like I’m playing with someone else’s matchbox cars when I’m trying to write clever status updates.

KM :Plotter or Pantser?

SL: Arrrrrgggg I keep trying to plot but I’m an undisciplined pantser to the core. Hell, I can’t even carry a coherent conversation for more than a few minutes.

KM: Big city or Country?

SL: City! City, for God’s sakes! Please, powers that be, lift me from this suburban purgatory where I have spent the last 13 years and drop me into any city on this earth. Ah, just kidding, kind of. I feel very lucky to have lived in a beautiful, safe community while raising my kids, but the MINUTE they are grown I am moving to Oakland.

KM: Boots or Heels?

SL: Oh! I am in love with both for sure, which is ironic since i spend 95% of my days in my ugly yet cozy fuzzy brown slippers, or my two pairs of New Balance sneakers – the “good” pair I wear to the gym and the “old” pair I wear for hiking. I always, always wear high heels when I go anywhere for my job – whether it’s a conference or an RWA meeting or signing – just because I *can*. It feels so good to dress up on the rare occasions that I do, so I overdo it – pile on the makeup, jewelry, etc.

I used to think I’d always pick a sexy heel over a pair of boots but a few things have changed my mind. One was buying my red wing motorcycle boots. They may be ugly, but they are the most badass things I own and I love to wear them into the city sometimes on rainy evenings. The other was a couple of writing friends who own breathtaking boots that would make me insanely jealous except they’re both really cool about helping me with fashion, which is not my strong suit – Daisy James and Gigi Pandian. The other day Daisy showed me this pair of black, over-the-knee high-heeled black boots that lace *up the back* – I was ready to sell my car to buy them.

KM: Finally…the question we’ve all been waiting for…Death by zombie or Death by Stella?

SL: Yikes! Love it, you crazy girl! Um, I’d have to pick Stella ’cause she’d be quick and merciful. The zombies….yuck! But your answer is WAY better 🙂

For those of you who are curious about my answer, here it is: I’d pick Death by Stella just so I could use it as bragging rights to those on the other side! “You got hit by a car? Lame! I was shot twelve times point blank by a bad-ass menopausal woman on a killing spree!” Classic.

I have to thank Sophie so much for stopping by. She’s busier than heck, yet still managed to lend me a few minutes for this interview.

*And here we are at RWA Orlando with fellow SFARWA ladies. I’m in black on the bottom, she’s the starlet in red on top. *grin

To win your FREE SIGNED COPY of Banished, leave a comment revealing your favorite genre to read and why. Don’t forget to Follow. The winner will be chosen by in six days. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “Interview with Sophie Littlefield and Giveaway!

  1. This was fantastic! I hear it's bad luck to be #1 to respond and win, but I'll have to take my chances!I loved this interview. I too grew up with neither beach nor mountains so I am giddy when I see either. October is a gorgeous month (and I'm sure in California) so that is a fantastic answer!Who doesn't love shoes? Every girl needs options!!Great interview you two! Banished looks amazing so regardless of a win or not I'll soon have a copy on my shelves!

  2. Oops! I forgot to mention my favorite genre!!! This is so tough!!I have two (I always cheat) – One: I love a good Adult Chick Lit novel, Susan Elizabeth Phillips reels me in everytime! The men, the woman in trouble, and the typical ending!!Two – YA Fantasy/Paranormal: Oh the worlds that are created, the beings that are shown, I simply can't get enough of these beautiful and magical worlds. Not to mention they always have one heck of a hunk in the mix!

  3. the 'banished' book sounds really interesting! hmm.. i really like historical romance, but i think paranormal is my favorite. for why, i just find it interesting, and who doesn't love romance? haha.

  4. Great interview! It's so interesting to hear about Sophie's process, especially since she's so wildly talented. I'm really looking forward to reading Banished. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy are my favorite genres, and I'm sure the book will be amazing!

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