Out with the old…

You wouldn’t believe it if I told you…but for the last five years I’ve been cooking on a stove almost twice my age.

I call it The Green Machine. It’s a 1960 GE. (They know how to make ’em, let me tell you.) And as of yesterday, it’s gone!

There’s nothing wrong with an avocado green appliance, really there’s not. It served its purpose, cooking for my family for years and years with no problems. Okay, okay, so it was hideous…but it was free. I couldn’t really complain, especially since new appliances can run upwards of two thousand dollars!

Now feast your eyes upon this…

Oh, I’m in heaven. I can’t wait to start cooking on it. I’d love to blog more, but I’m heading out for a plot session with my fabulous critique partner, Lisa Sanchez. Her signing at the Tracy library was awesome last night–I can’t wait to post pictures tomorrow!

Have a great one! *grin


2 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. Ha ha. When I was little we had one just like that. When we bought our house a few years ago, there it was again. It came with the house, we needed one, so we kept it. It's now gone too.

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