Lisa Sanchez Signing!

I talked about the value of critique partners the other day and how an honest read can give you focus and purpose. There’s another awesome aspect of the critique partner gig that I failed to mention. It’s the pride that comes from the success of that partner. One of my critique partners, Lisa Sanchez, had her first ever author signing Tuesday night. I downright glowed watching the room fill with family, friends, writers, and readers, all waiting to hear her talk about her writing process. I felt like a proud mama, listening to her read scenes so familiar to me.

I might’ve been more giddy than she was when she signed books for a LINE of people.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to snag a pic of the two of us together.

And here’s the group of writers who went to Olive Garden after (minus Killian McRae who was behind the camera), from left to right: me, Lisa Langdale, Lisa Sanchez, Brenda Pandos, and Robin DeJarnett. These ladies are awesome writers, authors, and now friends.

If my first reading goes half as smoothly as hers did, I’ll be a happy, happy girl. Way to go, Lisa!


2 thoughts on “Lisa Sanchez Signing!

  1. Awwww, so sweet to hear you boast about your friend! I can't wait to sit in the audience at your first public appearance <3Lisa Langdale

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