I’ve been writing like a madwoman this week. Husband has been uber supportive, leaving me alone, kid-free (gasp!) to write my brains out. Wednesday I put myself under a harsh deadline: 15K words by Monday. The reason for such insanity, you might ask? Because I need to mail out my “completed” book to RWA’s Golden Heart contest by then.

It should be doable. 15K words in six days boils down to about 2500 words a day. Surprisingly, I think I’m going to finish ahead of schedule. Thursday I wrote 4500 words. Yesterday I wrote 3000. They’re rushed and new and scattered, but they’re there.

I think I may end up being an inadvertent Nano winner this year. After our Disneyland trip (where I didn’t write a lick but had oh so much fun) I realized I wasn’t going to finish Nano. You can’t really expect to skip four days and still hit the 50K word mark…but if I keep up the grueling pace I just might do it!

So if you don’t hear from me today, tomorrow or Monday, you’ll know why. I’m under deadline! Go, you crazy Nanoers out there, Go! I’m right there with you!


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Even when I feel like I'm right there at the finish line, every step is a fight. I only wrote 2500 words last night…so that means I'm aiming for over 5K today. Yeah. I think I'm gonna write through the night.

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