Monday Blog Hop!

It’s Monday again (how’d that happen?) and it’s time for a blog hop!

Here’s how it works:

•Follow as many authors as you like. Just follow the Linky list and hop from author to author. The idea is to find as many “new to you” authors as you can, and hopefully some great new reading material as well. Leave a comment as you hop from blog to blog! We’d love to chat with you!

•Follow the Meet an author Monday host (Cali Cheer Mom) along with any of the wonderfully talented authors on the list.
•You will need to enter your name and blog url into the Linky tool.
•Grab our super cute button and place it in a post. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) If you don’t create a post for the hop, your readers won’t have a place to comment, and the hop will stop with you. So create a post, paste in the Linky code and start hopping!
•The purpose of the hop is to meet “new to you” authors and discover great new reads. Follow as many authors as you can. Leave a comment and introduce yourself!
•If you’d like to share the Linky list in a post on your blog ( Please do!) just follow the link and grab the code.

Hope you have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Monday Blog Hop!

  1. Hi Kristin! February is just around the corner for Dark Tide Rising. Where are you in the editing process? My romantic suspense sequel is coming out in March and we're just finishing round one of edits. Jen xx

  2. Jen–Hi! Congrats on your release in March! How exciting! I'm heading over to your site to check it out right after this.Dark Tide Rising went through three rounds of edits and two galleys. I approved the final galley about a month ago (I'd have to go through and check my blog posts or email from Wild Rose to know for sure.) I also went through edits with my paranormal (the one represented by Spencerhill), and am waiting to hear back from NY. Those edits took a couple months in all–about the same time it took to write it, actually!And now I'm 2/3 finished with the sequel to my paranormal and plan to whip out the last 1/3 by the end of January.Whew. When it's written so plain like that it makes me tired! lolIs the RomSus coming out your first novel?

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