The Writers Alphabet: A-Z


A-gents believe in the value of a good book. Give them something to believe in.
B-logs are the ultimate networking tool. (And quite fun to boot!)
C-ontests help build your writing bio but
D-on’t count on the scores to mean a thing.
E-dits are a necessary evil.
F-acebook will distract easy enough but you still need to
G-et down to it and write!
H-ell, the book won’t write itself.
I-nspire others and so inspire yourself.
J-ump chapters or scenes if you get stuck.
K-ill your darlings–no matter how much it hurts.
L-ocal writing chapters provide unwavering support.
M-anuscripts will be changed again and again. Hold nothing dear.
N-ational conferences are a great way to meet other writers.
O-pen your work to both pos/neg feedback.
P-artners to critique your work are a must.
Q-uestion everything. Does that -ly need to be there?
R-ough drafts are just that: rough.
S-ave early and save often.
T-witter is a writers vortex–not many useful pages escape.
U-nderstand marketing trends, then write what pulls you anyway.
V-alue free time away from your WIP.
W-rite! Write! Write! Now Write some more!
X-cuse mistakes here and there.
Y-ou must remember it’s a process. You’ll get *there* eventually.
Z-ebra Mochas from Starbucks are an essential muse booster. (At least for me–mocha addict–remember?)


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