Dark Tide Rising Excerpt

What better way to start the year than by posting something on the blog that I never have before?

I’m going to post an excerpt from my work. Even though I realize it’s coming out in a month (ONE MONTH, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?) I’m actually scared to death to post this. Something about writing it here, for all the Internet world to see, feels…shaky. Like I can write the darn book but am terrified of having someone read it. Ridiculous concern, I know, especially since tons (at least I hope tons) of people are going to be holding the book in their hands. I mean, that’s what I’m in the profession for, right? To write something great. To have people read it and (hopefully) enjoy it. Now I’m wondering if there’s any authors who’ve felt the same way…

Okay. *Deep breath* *And another*

I’m stalling…

I know…

Dark Tide Rising RELEASES FEBRUARY 2ND. Here goes!

A killer was on the loose…
Lurking in the dark, waiting for her to succumb to a dreamy state, was a menacing foe. Like a demented spider creeping into her mind, the vision tapped its sick legs on her deepest insecurities and darkest fears; took her to a dark, wet place reserved for secrets and shadows.

Emily knew immediately she’d felt this ominous feeling before, watched this scene play out in her head.

But Stefanie was gone. There was no reason for her to be reliving this again.

A sheet of ice water slipped over her legs, numbing her senses.

It was when the initial shock of the wave wore off that Emily realized this was different than the nightmare she’d had before. The pain from the previous vision was foreseen, understood, and empathized.

This pain and this piercing cold, however, she felt deep in her bones. She wasn’t looking through Stefanie’s eyes. She was looking out…

Through her own.

Panic seized control over her logic, her thoughts. She looked around, her head thrashing from side to side, unable to see anything but a black void.

Why couldn’t she see? Why couldn’t she hear? Why was she unable to do anything but wriggle with her hands stuck behind her back and kick her feet?

The one thing she did know was that she wasn’t alone. She could feel someone watching her, standing over her.

“Hello?” her voice shook, echoing through the cave.

Why couldn’t she hear him? Wasn’t he talking to her, as he had to Stefanie? Why was she left with nothing but an eerie silence and rising water?


Okay, so there you have it! The Wild Rose Press has officially posted my book on their website. You can’t order it yet, but if you wanted to check out the page where you can buy the novel come February 2nd, go here.


7 thoughts on “Dark Tide Rising Excerpt

  1. what better way indeed! very intriguing and only one month away now! i checked out the page on the wild rose press site, i can't wait to get it!

  2. Thanks ladies! Your support and encouragement are appreciated more than you know. I feel much like I did sending off my young ones to school…this book is my baby. Now I want it to do well. Not long now. 😉

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