Dark Tide Rising Love and Some Giveaways

Okay, there’s a few things to mention today, none of which are normal Monday things like school and work, and all of them make me very, VERY happy.

Catch Dark Tide Rising as the featured novel over at Mithril Wisdom. You just missed his 100 Follower giveaway but the blog is informative and witty and you can really hear Mithril’s voice through the posts. Could you ask for anything more from a writer? I think not.

Also, romance authors Tina Folsom and Bella Andre (all-around great gals and fellow members of SFARWA) are giving away Nook colors. The requirements to enter are super easy and best of all: THEY’RE FREE. Tina’s giveaway ends January 24th (That’s tomorrow folks!) at 9pm. Bella’s giveaway ends January 31st at 9pm so you have a bit more time.

And last but not least, I’m giving away two signed copies of Dark Tide Rising! I’ll throw in a few bookmarks too because they’re too beautiful not to pass around. (Geez, how many toos were in that sentence? Two too many. Ha!)

Rules to enter:

~Contest open to US Residents only
~Be a Follower of my blog (All you’ve got to do is click Follow on the right sidebar and enter your email address. I’ll never spam you–promise.)
~Comment this post answering the following question:

In Dark Tide Rising, police sergeant Mark Thurgood is deathly afraid of the ocean. What are you deathly afraid of?

~Winner will be selected using Random.org
~Contest ends one month from today: February 24th at 9pm. Winner to be contacted via email then announced through a subsequent blog post.


8 thoughts on “Dark Tide Rising Love and Some Giveaways

  1. Your book sounds really great. I love romantic suspense’s! And what am I deathly afraid of? HEIGHTS! When I was a kid, I went on a family vacation and there was this creepy looking bridge we had to cross. It looked very scary and unsafe. We passed it, and everything was okay. Then a few weeks later, my family and I were watching the news and there was a story about how that bridge collapsed. Ever since then, I’ve been afraid of heights.

  2. aha that's me! 🙂 i am currently deathly afraid of being dropped from a class i missed today because the room number got changed and i sat in the wrong room the whole time! FOR REALS!

  3. How was I not following you? Well THAT's fixed! Yay!I'm deathly afraid of heights too, though spiders come in a close second. I don't really like swimming in the ocean, either…In short, I'm a spineless scaredy cat.

  4. Awesome! I already have a copy, but I want to enter anyway lol. If I win, I could keep the signed one and give the one I bought away on my blog, if that was alright with you of course. I am deathly afraid of losing my loved ones. In my world, the worst possible thing that could happen is if David or my mom passed away. And you already know my email 😉

  5. Kristin, I am also afraid of the ocean. When I was small, my Mom called after me while playing at Santa Cruz. I turned my back on the ocean, which "they" say to never do, and "they" are right. A large wave tumbled me about and sucked me out a ways. Scary stuff. That's why I respect the ocean and don't go in too far.

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